About me

Welcome, I’m Joey Michael Grotentraast, a 24 year old man from Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

Born on 8 August 1995.

© Joey Michael Grotentraast

Everyone can use all of this information, but remember to refer to me or my website.

Please don’t edit my site, even when it’s sarcasm…. Please fix the edits.. The same for the drawings which edited on my site and even replaced!!!!!! At least from my point of view.

Stop editing my site!!!!!! It’s making me crazy!!!!!!

I connected the dots, but don’t think less about creating them. Vice versa too right?

It really feels like I have two souls!

I can’t put my name on everything. It’s also not necessarily the hardest. It’s more like rationally the most important.

I typed I finally realize a couple of times but those are all outdated.

My sign is on the left (my mom loves Egypt).

My nephew SomeSchoolKid was a big help for editing my sign on the left. I thought that we would improve it later but it never came to be so far.

We should maybe choose a flame red iris or pupil though.

No offense, but I don’t want the bite/byte for the pear logo. Thank you very much, but I never wanted to.

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