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Please grand me luck!

All I’m asking is either the reason why it doesn’t work or proof if it’s right or not. I think it’s important to know if it’s true or not.

I also have some strange thoughts about using certain food to cause things as example, but I only say it, because I think to see it in the food (contrast and maybe colour as well) and I intuitively feel it too, so wouldn’t it hurt to give it a try. IT COULD BE THAT THE FOOD HAS TO BE HEATED FOR BETTER DIGESTION, ALTHOUGH HEATING IT TOO MUCH COULD BREAK THE COMPARTIMENTS AS EXAMPLE.

It’s extremely bold, so I’m asking a lot (wait until you find out). I’m not trying to scam or prank people.

As seen almost all the taken formulas are from Wikipedia, and alsmost all the images are from Google images or Wikipedia. I don’t own those images and haven’t constructed those formulas. Please contact me on the phone number 0653915146. I hope that just claiming will suffice.

I figured at the end that I should perhaps refer images, which is why almost all images unfortunately aren’t referred, because I can’t find all the images back at Google images. Apologies in advance…

I propose to include some sort of source tag for all the images on the Internet to avoid this problem.

It seems like that some people are editing some details of my website for the worse. Including my drawings with the way how I write my own name.

I know that words that don’t pronounce that well are garbage, but I’m too lazy to get rid of them.

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