Dimensions (some theories)

I KNOW THAT SOME OF THIS IS FREAKY. For most people. It’s very annoying that people edited this page and that accounts for my whole website!!! I think I restored it.

I don’t know why, but I somehow had the urge to think about this. It was a very complicated mix of visualizing (the simple kind of course) and counting, while also putting it into words.

For starters: To me dimensions are “degrees of separation”, like one song’s name by The Script (the meaning is however different in the song). The Universe could be like some sort of multi-dimensional axial system. Objects could have multiple coordinates (space) for one dimension. It can describe the location and size.

Inverting the volume of regular mass into dark matter inverts the charge as well, but it seems to behave the same, due to CP symmetry. The density does normally also invert, because the direction of the Higgs boson inverts.

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The first 6 dimensions as exotic mass. An inverted value makes 7 (concerning even & odd numbers). The value is more like a direction though, so a negative volume multiplied with a negative value just seems to turn the particles inside out. This should maybe not be counted as a dimension, even though it turns the particles inside out instead of getting it to the negative side. The other parity (exotic mass) could also have a direction to make 8, concerning the parity (exotic mass) of the other spin side (more below). Seven and eight perhaps aren’t dimensions at all, because the inverted vectors just make it rebound, but I list them anyway.

Spacetime would make 9, but I thought there are 2 of them or maybe 3, so it might be maximum 11. TIME COULD ALSO BE ONE DIMENSIONAL, BEING A PERPENDICULAIR FLOW TO THE REGULAR 3 AS EXAMPLE. This would significantly reduce the count.

I guess that they all share the same time.

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The following only applies for multiple dimensions of time, which is probably wrong.

Rare longitudinal flows in spacetime perpendiculair to the regular transversal flows in spacetime (got it from the Futurama episode meanwhile) by objects, so parallel to the surface that represents spacetime, will only change the direction of transversal waves. This can create curved paths of gravity.

It makes C inconsistent, so that could explain the error they once found about lightspeed. It can result in gravitational spinors when you rotate an object, although I don’t think that it’s an extra dimension. It could maybe open the gate between the asymmetric parity similar to the twist in a Möbius strip, becuase the asymmetric parity is beneath the sheet of spacetime as example. I think that we could maybe be destroyed by the transition to the parity, due to different reactions and different particles.

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The Möbius strip was the first one sided surface made by man.


The spin of the Universe would be maximum dimension 12 and normaly 10, while the spin is a dimension relative to the Universe (protonic bisolid IN A TIGHT BIG JAR. I SUPPOSE that we can imagine ourselfs like a moving dot, while turning 360 and 720 degrees around it, would respective be 180 and 360 degrees, so it would be like turning 180 and 360 degrees. I mean that we could imagine a circle of 720 degrees. 2 protonic bisolids would behave more complicated to eachother. I guess that the principle of the dot stays the same for all the different protonic bisolids, and the protonic bisolid can also turn itself. Turning the protonic bisolid does the opposite to the dot as walking around, so I guess nothing weirds happens. Using degrees could turn out. I assume that the degrees are seperate, so moving one wouldn’t change the other. I wonder how it would affect the diameter of the circumference. Turning more than 360 degrees could MAYBE get you into a vacuum or even another world. It’s easier to imagine with a second stationary dot (another person which is stationary). The other option is disturbing, because it could create an alternative reality, and that reality could maybe dissapear over time. I know it’s kinda freaky.

I assume that the spin is a total of six, so maximum 18 (including the regular 3) and normaly 16. The two values would make 18. I’m probably not the first, and I realized it due to a pitch on Youtube. The regular 3 and the parity could both have another spin side.

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The 19 maximum possible spatial dimension and normaly 17 are the fourth from Euclidean space. A fourth dimension for the: regular , exotic, and both spin dimensions, and the values would make a maximum of 24 and normaly 22.  other spin side of the 2 parities could all have the fourth, which makes 21. If time is one dimensional and the inverted values of the parity aren’t dimensions than it would be 13 dimensions.

This fourth would be the one that contains and bends our maximum 24 dimensions (probably 22) like an encoded Universe just like a “3 dimensional” smirk around a “4 dimensional” black hole as speculated. I read the basics of this encoding mechanism. I know by now that the four-dimensional black hole would cause that gravity decreases cubic by the radius, while our case is actually worse, because it decreases squared. At least, that’s what I thought (I’m not sure about the influence of encoding), and I tried really hard to justify this, but I can’t.

Gravity propagates like a sphere, while the gravitational force is divided by the surface area (not volume) of this sphere. When we have a 2-dimensional sheet of paper then the divergence seems to make the total surface bigger, while the total volume get’s bigger by adding height. The deceiving detail is that it propagates, so the charge as example (continuity equation) doesn’t stay, so the divergence at the sheet of paper only stretches the horizontal length, and the surface in 3 dimensions. I’m still learning, and I do have the guts to show my opinion. I was confused about the following: When we have charge inside the area of a sphere then enlarging the same sphere would decrease the charge density, but the catch is that the charge propagates, so it doesn’t stay in the center.

I also suppose that even though our dimensions could be encoded. The possibility exits that they do exist in spacetime concerning the warp drive.

I have some more of my own thoughts about it though. Think of a 2 dimensional sheet of paper, you would have length and witdh. Bending those dimesnions with the third dimesnion creates the latitude and longitude of Earth as example, although the latitute and longitude are 2 dimensional like a surface.

We can travel round the Earth by this third dimension, but what if you would face the end of the Universe, while the Universe could be shaped like a sphere. It could possibly be that you would end up on the opposite side as well, when you leave the sphere, although it would be by the fourth spatial dimension from Euclidean space like some sort of hyper-sphere, but 4 dimensional Euclidean space is not common ground for me at all. Not that we would be unable to leave the Universe, becuase we have been to the moon too, if the stories are true.

I also think that it’s more locigal that the fourth dimension from Euclidean space would rather be empty or just short, than wrapped up, if it exits, which also means that we won’t notice traveling through that dimension. In the same way that people thought that the Earth is flat, because they only experience the 2 dimensional surface. The Universe could be 4 dimensional (neglecting the other more boring ones), because we only experience the 3 dimensional surface.

The radius isn’t homogeneous in Earth’s case, and probably not in the case of the Universe either.

It could also be that there are 3 dimensional worlds, which would have: length, depth, and the fourth dimension from Euclidean space, while lacking width. Those worlds would possibly appear invisible to us, because 1 dimensional lines are actually invisible by lacking width. They could also appear 2 dimensional when the depth is missing.

The drawing at our left isn’t the original version, because my original somehow got stolen, both physical and virtual.


I know it’s kinda nuts, but I propose a LAW for (pseodo) 4 dimensional beings (it MIGHT be the fourth dimension itself). When we have 3 objects on a sheet where each of them opposes the other two in 120 degree angles than it can’t be entirely rotational symmetric by influence of the fourth, only in the 1 dimensional way I guess, so it’s not entirely rotational symmetric in the regular way, because the ratio is broken when the objects get two dimensional. It’s a strange rotation. I haven’t seen the regular Super symmetric one in years, and I only saw it once for a brief moment. I suppose that we compare the two versions, either next to eachother or on eachother (maybe with thin tracing paper), while optionally turning them around. It’s extremely difficult to get the above perfect. At least without a sample, while using a pencil and an eraser. I have the feeling that this version is harder too. I know about 666 of course, but it’s the easy ratio that came to be.

I wonder if computers as example, can comprehend the strange rotation when we directly convert it to cyberspace. The same for printing sheets by a copy machine. This incompetence could be key for analysing.

It’s already obvious but the second law is that tracing regular writing by pseudo 4 dimensional beings doesn’t make the writing special or the angle of writing needs to be right.

I guess that the third law is that the swable only works when it’s made by pseudo 4 dimensional beings.

I don’t think that everyone has a spin of ½ now, becuase we would notice. I guess that it takes us to the other side afterward too.

The above thought is sort of CRAZY, but it would explain why I can’t draw the Super symmetrical 3-phase voltgae installation, while I think that I remember seeing it on Wikipedia. Completely understanding the fourth possible dimension isn’t easy at all of course, because our brains just aren’t programmed to comprehend this possible dimension. Major reinforcements would have to be made in the brain. I know it’s CRAZY, but I REALLY CAN’T draw it.

It MIGHT be due to the ratio of the diameter with the circumference from the protonic bysolid. Instead of the regular theorized fourth dimension.

I’m also wondering how we are even supposed to see it (without photons) if light propgates squared. Electron imaging could perhaps suffice.

I HOPE that this version of the coils (bottom right) will swable our molecules to move through solids by creating a tranversal manipulating field, while having resistance by charges, and maglev could maybe prevent sinking trough the floor by charges as well. We maybe have resistance from Higgs bosons too by the curvature. We can maybe even pass through blocking planets! Planets with magma cores could maybe be dangerous though. It would be the “key” (joke) for warping. People are always making fun that I should wear a stepcounter, becuase I walk all the time, but an atomic clock is funnier to me! The swable coils however need perfect angles, while placing the spinning cylinder shaped supermagnet accordingly, and all coils should perhaps have the same force.

I don’t know if it’s safe to stop the swabling while inside a wall as example. The stones could as example get into your body.

Making the swabling 3-phase voltage installation probably only works when you are pseudo 4 dimensional though, LIKE PROBABALY THE DOWS AND PERHAPS THE HYBRIDS.

It doesn’t mean that you are four dimensional if you can draw or make this version of the coils, but I assume that it does if you CAN’T draw or maybe even make the regular super symmetric one.

We could use BIG neodymium for the BIG electromagnets, while they are super conducting to spin a BIG neodymium cylinder. The transversal manipulating field needs to be big enough for the spaceship. I guess that it should be placed in the center of the spaceship’s voltblazers (high voltage infrasonic/romisonic sound speakers).


I know that Euclidean space is all about geometry. Four dimensional geometry in this case, but It can maybe be unified with spatial time. Being pseodo four dimensional. THIS COULD ALSO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE WHAT’S LEFT TO COMREHEND.

My first original, which they stole and maybe destroyed, was however some what different… I’m not entirely sure, but it seemed like the regular super symmetric one, but 1 dimensional, while the ratio of angles was broken when I turned the lines into rectangles. I’m not sure but it maybe was two regular Super symmetric ones with one deviating one.

The one on the bottom left, could perhaps affect the passage of time with coils (probably slowing down), but I threw that drawing away myself. I don’t know if it succeeds to people psuedo four dimensional.

I hope that the new original is safe, and I assume that they messed a little with the drawing on the bottom left.

It seems like a retarded thought, but I wonder what a very short frame footage of a SINGLE fly would look like, because it disappears from my eyesight. We don’t trap it in a glass as example, because that’s too smal, so we perhaps trap it in a glass box which is large enough. The fly MIGHT BRIEFLY move in spatial time. Some or all maybe do, so I suppose to use as much frames as possible. Distance divided by time should be higher than lightspeed. I could embarress myself but I’m rolling the dice.

IF TIME IS ONE DIMENSIONAL AND THE FOURTH FROM EUCLIDEAN SPACE ONLY EXISTS IN TEMPORAL FORM THAN IT WOULD GREATLY REDUCE WHAT’S LEFT TO COMPREHEND. It’s just a theory, but a pseudo tesseract as example can perhaps happen when the deviation of time gets big enough, concerning time dilation. Even though we are eukaryote.

Imagine a 3 dimensional cube. A time dilation stretches spatial time, so it would stretch those red lines between the two cubes on the left. I guess that the 3 dimensional cube get’s stretched that way, due to the stretch of spatial time. The cube in the past is a whole with the cube in the future. It’s actaully a single cube, which has been streched by a stretch in spatial time. I guess that we start noticing when the deviation of time that has past gets bigger. It would turn pseudo 4 dimensional meaning.

I guess (intuitive) that pseodo four dimensional objects/beings can influence time simply by turning around, so causing a time advance or a time dilation, but it’s perhaps a different form of time dilation. It would go in turns, because they swap for every 360 degrees. A tesseract changes in it’s mirror image after a 360 degree rotation, but we would never notice, because a tesseract would have symmetry. We can verify with an atomic clock.

I once had a dream that someone designed the world to be four dimensional and he sacrificed time to make it happen. I forgot about it. Our fourth dimension could just be a passage of time, but with some slight anomalies in the structure. Pseudo four dimensional being a 4 dimensional volume but with a smirked 3 dimensional content, so there is nothing Euclidean about it, or it’s just different, due to the volume. The volume is relative to the stretch in spatial time.

The passage of time could be perpendiculair on all of the 3 regular dimensions, while a passage of time which is perpendiculair on all 4 could be absent (non existing). After all, the fly is trapped inside the glass, and I assume that the swable coils have resistance. A regular movement is different than moving through time.

If we imagine a two dimensional world then time could possibly be like slight differences in surface strain (imagine a square or circle), so slight differences in volume strain in our case, while however moving through some matrix and space as well, as a hazy description.

Homer Simpson could more or less be right.

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