Cleansing veins

This is the cure for: The plaques version of Alzheimer (before the damage begins), high cholesterol, and above all the Hutchinson Gilford progeria syndrome, while probably preventing a TIA, and heart attacks. It also includes Central hypovetilation syndrome, which I assume is calcification inside our veins, especially the capillaries.

  • We simply bind the cholesterol/proteins & calcite like plaque, with gal (Dutch word). I SUPPOSE that an emulsifier could help, but we don’t use soap of course, so we use gal, which is normally produced by the liver, and we should probably produce it chemically, because I assume that it isn’t a protein.

Gal normally isn’t at high levels in our veins, so we should be careful. It’s a shot in the dark, but it may perhaps heal asthma too.


We replace the patient’s blood with donor blood to extract the gal within the patient’s blood, with it’s bonded junk. The body wouldn’t get it out by the other procedure.

I know that it isn’t that pleasant, but the old chemotherapy as example is actually worse.

The soap was actually the first original idea when I was young, but I ditched it of course.

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