Continuity equation +


It isn’t hard to imagine that W (the depth) is inversely proportional to the divergence,

so 1/divergence = W = depth:

(1 / -Δ continuity fraction) / charge density = W = depth.

The relay’s superconducting electromagnets and overall everything that moves relative to the light go to the future by the time ADVANCING from the photons for the surrounding wave, so we use photometers by a 360 degree reflecting telescope, which are slightly above the center (the voltblazers are at the center), while surrounding the warp drive. We can turn the warp drive by steering the wheel by making stairs.

The explanation is as follows, instead of thinking that the light slows down when we approach it, I assume that our clocks actually tick at a faster rate to get the same lightspeed when we approach it, while this movement in time is unrelated to the movement in regular space.

As many of us know: We get the traveled distance when we multiply the time by our velocity. The amount of total time actually increases when our clocks at a faster rate, which we can multiply by the accelerating velocity. The amount of traveled distsance would increase, but we don’t seem to notice that it took less time by this aspect, because it actually doesn’t. Accelerated or not: the amount of time we experience seems to remain the same.

The inducting signal should also travel straight (not sideways), becuase it would otherwise miss by the spaceship’s speed.

The spacetime twist could cause that the light arrives at the side of our spaceship, which was originally the back before we departed. This is important concerning the inducting signal. Even if the light arrives at the front then it wouldn’t mean that it isn’t turned around for our resistance.

We would need a quantum computer, which uses quantum entanglement to sent the inducting signal in time, while the speed of electricity isn’t the same for every observer unlike photons.

We solve the last part with astronomy by using the continiuty equation + to determine W along with the orbits, because W/C = elapsed time of the planet’s orbits,

while it should stop automatically by a quantum computer, which means the braking distance is set before we go,

so the voyage to the other planet is an automatic process,

which means that everything is fine as long as all the right preparations are set before we go,

but we should always double check a couple of times with a lot of professional astronomers.

We can always do an one way, so we would then avoid the risk, because we wouldn’t travel back,

and we could actually send a broadcast back, as long ast it isn’t intercepted, but it would take very long of course.

Indeed, when we assume that entanglement won’t work over such a large distance.

Sorry for dreaming guys. I know that it’s very risky.

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The quantum computer is maybe not necessary, but then again maybe it is. We should perhaps calculate the distance as fast as possible, instead of adapting the circuit ideally to the right strength (charge density).

We could perhaps also narrow down what energy source the stars & sun uses by the Continuity equation +,

becuase the lower charge density changes the view of the sun too.

The lose in mass would decrease the gravity too.

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