Convex back/neck + vocal cords

I think we would need peaches to restore the cartilage’s elasticity for the vertebral column. I somehow also had a disturbing feeling at my back and shoulder blade, so I got it rubbed too with tiger balm. It’s no guarantee but a diet of peaches might help for hernia.

I assume that we can treat the neck with tiger balm, by relaxing the stiff muscles, but I don’t know if it’s actually a prevention rather than a cure. It’s for the knot at the back of your head. I didn’t get Mewtwo but I got the Starchild. My mom is the reason why I know about tiger balm!!!!!! The following could be false, but I had the feeling that my vocal cords were stiff as well, so I also rubbed the tiger balm at my front neck, and it seems that it somehow went away. I guess that you should be cautious about the front neck though, concerning the convex neck, but that last could also be untrue. I advice to start with the back muscles, while waiting for a pretty while to treat the front. That’s what I did. I myself treated both when I did the front.

I did my shoulders and shoulder blades as well with tiger balm. We should maybe also do the part in between the shoulder blades. Follow your pain.

The vocal cords are probably like strumming the guitar strings too tight. Funghi might help, but it could be a problem when the entire muscle is ripped, sorry.

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