Dolphin language & sound


I think dolphins use the entropy to communicate, due to Alex Collier, but I wasn’t hiding it at all. I could be wrong about it though. Understanding the langauge is complicated. I assume that the varying emphases and frequency are intrinsic (indication of personality), while I also assume that the entropy is both intrinsic and has a definit meaning. The warmth of realizations, so the momentums of sound as example makes a character, along with how we think,

so that’s why we don’t use the Piëzoelectric effect for sound (like I’ve read), becuase it lacks entropy, so we use holes and a conus vibrating to a magnet, which is incited by an electromagnet as known. We can start a quest for Michael Jackson’s music on cassete tapes, in case it’s lost. Combined with an old stereo of course.

Dolphins would like hot streams in their basin, and I think that they don’t like to eat fish and prefer whose.

Cassette tape

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