We MIGHT have been mutated (without DNA repair) by radiation with natural selection when the atmosphere didn’t protect us YET,

although we could get mutated afterward by evolution viruses (retroviruses) of course. Too much X-rays could maybe be different and DNA damaging. When a cell’s DNA is damaged then the other cells could PERHAPS kill it or not, but we stay cautious.

The the DNA get’s longer over time,

which could perhaps change our perspective about our ancestors.

  1. Just go through the fucking 99,8/99,9% of the DNA, then you will understand. I guess that the radioactive compounds to check tumors wouldn’t harm.

This could also mean that older human races with shorter DNA or different DNA would miss certain eggywhites/proteins. My intuition tells me that they could miss certain eggywhites/proteins, which break down fungi like gistern. My intuition also tells me that this problem could be fixed by drinking 7up to kill the gistern somehow. I guess that the appendix would be a big help for a diet of giant fruit and giant vegatables. Other strange eggywhites/proteins could maybe disturb the breakdown of gistern.

We afterward have new DNA and also gene expression concerning dominant and recessive genes, which plays a key role along with natural selection. A proper immune system eliminates the evolution viruses, so I don’t think that we need the maykin bacteria to prevent it. God could be with us all the time though.



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