Dark/invisible matter

I assume that the gravity is the momentum of the Higgs boson, which causes waves in spacetime, so inverting the direction inverts the gravity, in which mass including zero-point energy is dominant, because the zero-point energy is also mass. The mass is thus by far stronger than the vectors.

Dark matter & dark energy exist out of dominant Gibbs energy, although the mass itself is scalar, while having vectors.

It rises linearly with the pressure ∝ volume according to the formula. The picture of the superfluid is under atmospheric pressure. Superfluids are known to defy gravity a little, so it isn’t all dark matter:

\mathbf {P} :{\begin{pmatrix}x\\y\\z\end{pmatrix}}\mapsto {\begin{pmatrix}-x\\-y\\-z\end{pmatrix}}. The image on the left is for exotic energy and exotic mass and perhaps exotic zero-point energy, but it’s relevant for dark matter.

We can simply create dark energy, and thus dark matter by putting substances with a potential energy under elevated pressure at the first zero-phase (the original zero-point). The Gibbs energy must be higher than the (entropy * temperature) for net Gibbs energy, and I wonder if -273,15 degrees Celsius really is the zero-point, while we replace the entropy with volume in our next case. The inverted vectors rebound, which is why it is in our side of the asymmetric parity, so it only turns the particles inside out (I have to admit that I was inspired by a video on Youtube, which turned spheres inside out). It’s like some sort of direction. The Higgs bosons still behave as negative mass, becuase the momentum of the Higgs bosons inverts it’s direction. The inverted vectors rebound the scalar mass of the Higgs bosons back. I assume that the Higgs bosons at the other side of the parity also have an opposite momentum to have antigravity as well, but it would behave the same on their side, so just like ours.

I assume that the parity has entropy as well. Inspired by a bag with the print “organized chaos in a black bag”, but I honestly think to remember that I already scrapped the idea that the parity wouldn’t have entropy, before seeing the bag, before typing. My memory isn’t that clear though.

We compress superconducting Piëzoelectric materials with electricity, although the voltage must be high enough, while the wires are surrounded by strong suction cups (preferably white, although black if the matter is invisible), so the wires are inside the suction cups, in the center, while the high pressure asists the suction cups, becuase it creates a vacuum at the surface it sticks to as known. I assume that the antigravity subdues the suction, while having a miniscule radius towards eacother. It’s at the first zero-phase (original zero-point), and I think that the Piëzoelectric material doesn’t get a change in size, due to the combination of the pyro-electric effect and the Piëzoelectric effect.

I suppose that dark matter only weakens the gravity, untill the radius get’s small enough to avoid anihilation by the antigravity. Levitation like this isn’t practical or useful. Or maybe I’m wrong about that, hopefully I am. I have a theory that the tiny piece of dark matter only levitates inside the flat center of gravity’s curvature.

The disturbance of the charges that creates a difference in charge (a voltage), which equals the pressure and the current equals the charge. The current thus creates a higher voltage, so it compresses itself with a higher current, which is also why we use superconduction. The increase in charge density by the compression creates a higher current again.

Dark matter probably sucks photons to the other side. I suppose that they could have a different particle as light over their.

The inverted (negative) interwoven coordinates of a rhombohedron (The picture above on the left) with an inverted direction turns the bend of the rhombohedron around as example, which proofs that there is a negative volume, although it remains in the regular dimensions, so the dark matter Piëzoelectric material must be a beam (picture on the right) and perhaps a cube, because the wired suction cups need symmetry. (FRONT LEFT BOTTOM) is relatively (BACK RIGHT TOP) over there.

I think that the particles in the dark matter zones undergo different reactions, which is why I wonder if we may survive the transition to our parity. I think that different particles could also cause the relationship of: regular energy, regular mass, Gibbs energy (dark energy here) and dark matter, but I assume by now that the expansion is acually, due to regular mass. The different particles themselves could also thus be different in the parity.

The turned around vectors inverts the charge of dark matter, so we have negatively charged dark matter protons & positely charged dark matter electrons, but it behaves the same, although it annihilates (like smashing rocks into smaller pieces) with regular mass, although the antigravity can prevent it. I suppose that it doesn’t create a black hole, because the repelling charges somehow dominate the pressure until the mass inverts, as a last resort.

An old teacher said to me, that the absolute zero-point would cause a black hole. It could be wise to exlude the possibility of a black hole at all times before we proceed. I have however heard a theory that such a tiny black hole, wouldn’t cause trouble at all. It wouldn’t even be black.

It could be that the spatial flow of time relatively goes backwards in the parity due to negative coordinates, so the gate would perhaps make time travel possible. Like a clock with six hands ticking clockwise & counter clockwise at the same time. I’m not seriously considering to sell it of course, and mainly nobody would buy it, but I like the thought like some kind of art. We can’t invert a robot to the other side this way, because it only turns the particles inside out.


Our understanding how charges behave is great, but we don’t seem to understand that certain what charges exactly are. I suppose that charges are vibrating fields, while colliding vibrations repel eachother and vibrations which vibrate in the same direction attract.

I’m also wondering about the W & Z bosons (concerning inside out).

The formula states that the electric fields are 3 dimensional.

We MIGHT not see it but it goes inside out. With inverted vectors.

An old stupid joke of mine is, that I wanted my length negative on my passport. The regular electrons don’t get sucked into the negative parity by the dark matter electrons.

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