Mia-effect: (regrowing & recoloring hair)

We harvest the patients cells from the living skin layer, then we foster them by adding a sufficient amount of water and nutrients (probably: glucose, phosphor, and ammonia as example), while we aerate them beforehand, because bacteria prosper rapidly in damp places by the sturdy cell wall (cytoplasma).

The osmotic pressure must be subdued, so we apply a pressure, which is close to the osmotic pressure on the culture to prevent them from splatting open in a glass container with a hatch and a valve.

When a cell’s membrane get’s bigger, then it is still able to absorb more water for the division.

We simply filtrate the water when we have plenty of cells, while it is still under pressure by a sliding door underneath with a filter above the sifter.

We then need to kill the hair follicles. It can be done with cheap chemotherapy, perhaps by using soap, but the charcoal body wash feels more safe or something, so it seems better for every hair removal.

I had the idea of hair removal by poisen when I was 17, and someone in my class came with the idea of using chemo, but he didn’t understand the full idea. I forgot about this idea all the time, untill now, and I didn’t took it that seriously anymore concerning lasers. That’s the reason why there isn’t a special page for this idea. There however is a page about that matix idea though, strangely enough. I wonder if the charcoal wash can compete with laser therapy.

We could treat baldness by drawing the receive cells in by using soap to mingle with the sweat.


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