Air projection alarm/music

On the left here above is the original 3D model projection, by placing a toy inside with parabola mirrors. This inspired my 3D model projector. My device activates a screen just as normally, but this screen is circular. The screen lens and wall don’t have to be circular for mid air screens. We can film a 3D model with a giant/big filming machine. The giant 3D lens and giant regular positive lens are for an anisotropic projection by the circular screen, while another regular positive lens of the air projection device focuses the 3D model above in mid air. We film the 3D models from above by using the giant 3D lens, while we adjust another giant regular positive lens to capture the models entirely (including the bottom). The to be filmed 3D models should be quite big, while the giant lenses should also be big in a wide way and getting it flat enough isn’t that easy. The circular light sensor should also be quite big in a wide way. Again, the giant 3D lens should be combined with a giant regular positive lens of course. We need to capture enough angles and the bottom of the physical 3D model, so the filming machine should be wide and close enough. The 3D models can optionally rotate by a rotating platform, while filming. We can download/range all kinds of 3D models to project them above in mid air, once you have the air projection device, while the models just get captured and saved. We can maybe drill multiple very short screws unbothered to fasten/stabilize the regular lens for the air projection device, so without breaking the lens. We can use screws to stabilize the lens of the air projection device. The air projection device is fragile. Or maybe not with toughened glass and very strong screw material (the screws could be short), while using a lot of screws. Using strong materials for the screws could maybe make it worse though. The screws maybe don’t have to be that short too. The screw should have the right length and thickness, while the head of the screw should perhaps be flat and curved. We can download the 3D models with our IPods/Ipads. The lens on the drawing is just a regular positive lens of course. I guess that we could use a relatively big antenna to send the 3D data to a CMC for loading and installing the cassette tapes.

GO TO: 3D lens.

We can of course make something underneath the circular screen, so the design would be less thin. It needs the regular screen compartments anyway. With a battery of course, rechargeable ones would be better, SO ALSO WITH A PROPER DESIGNED CABLE/charger, BOTH FOR APPEAL AND FOR CHARGING THE BATTERY). We can also print the pear on the device, and the pear logo could be illuminating. I thought about it for a little and printing the pear seems wise. It could be wise to have the rechargeable battery twice of course, so you always have a battery when the other is empty. Using and charging them at the same time isn’t that great for the batteries though. CHARGING OVERNIGHT IS PROBABLY BEST, BUT IT WOULDN’T BE OFF.

I agree with the placement where the cable/charger is at the top right of the block’s backside, but not entirely in the top corner. I saw that at another radio, but it’s probably not a big deal. The cable/charger shouldn’t be too short either. I assume that we only need one cable. The cable/charger and battery could otherwise charge the circuits within the block as substitute for the other cables (like the one for noise), maybe due to a super battery. It should be easy to change the battery, but we maybe don’t have to. The rechargeable battery should be easy to change, but again, we maybe don’t have to. MORE ABOUT THE BLOCK SOMEWHERE BELOW:

The lens of the air projection device should be properly designed too of course.

GO TO: 3D-lens

GO TO: Floating/data storage (at the end)

The projection wouldn’t be upside down. Left becomes right, while it’s also the same for the front & back. Like turning it 180 degrees. Bigger projections are of course more interesting than small ones. I guess that the air projection should be extra bright during the daylight.

We can maybe at least provide a thousand models. Most of them could pehaps be cheap or free or maybe not. The downloading/ranging of 3D models could maybe finance the people from the logistics, at the hosting centers, so the downloading/ranging would hopefully finance itself. We could maybe charge a small bill to everyone when people don’t download that much anymore, so IF THE SALES EXPLODE. We can maybe switch the 3D models AUTOMATICALLY or with buttons, and perhaps VOICE CONTROL. We maybe wear it on our arms. We can maybe somehow also create a rotating option or a moving one, for the 3D models. Rotating the circular screen would maybe suffice.

There could be tons of personal favourite 3D models, waiting to be suggested. We can technically capture al kinds of 3D models easily if we only have at least one giant/big filming machine. One of my favourite 3D models would be the pokémon Porygon from Nintendo. Other great models could be: sport balls (like a soccer ball), DNA, and world wonders (like the pyramid of Cheops).


We could watch screens this way in mid air. Some bottom design should suit the movie mode. It would be compatible with a remote for movies & regular television (or another kind of operating device and maybe both, with perhaps multiple different operating ways than the remote). It should be easy to carry around! Instead of filming a 3D model, we would film a panorama, but we have to take the mirror image into acount, and we also have to take the playing screen’s edge into acount, so the light sensor has an edge.

We can zap to follow another television stream, so the stream of the cassette tapes and CMCs. For the movie we would have to activate the right cassete tape (coded/name), which will stream your spare personal movie, so the cassetes with the same movie, bear different coded names for personal use. Some televisions are already capable of pauzing the regular television show, so we can perhaps control your own branch from the CMC, to pauze both the regular television and your movie.

We can keep the 3D model/screen stable by literally rewinding the cassete tape, so it wouldn’t fade out, and a personal cassete tape can be flash-forward and flash-backed, so choosing the time of the recording. I hope that we can get a LIVE broadcast with the CMC, for the television mode. Personal cassette tapes (movies) can be installed into your package. A regular television stream (without a personal cassette) can’t be flash-backed as far as I know. It also can’t be flash forward after pauzing. You would have to go through quite some hassle to arrange a personal LIVE television stream.

The personal spare cassette tapes could also be videos besides movies.

I almost forgot to mention that it plays sound as well, of course. We can offer movie & music subscriptions for this device. We could also offer an interface for almost every movie and song, while you only pay for what you take. Providing the movies would be difficult.

You could even put the device on a shelf or attach it to the wall, adjacent to your bed, so you can watch while lying in your bed. The screen would have to be filmed with two lenses though, for watching it that way in your bed. I however wonder if the lens is capable for large differences. We should then maybe include some tool kid, so you can place it on a shelf as example. The other way of watching it in your bed is however not that bad.

It also has an on and off button of course.

You can however easily Internet and game with the ipad. With all kinds of features. Could be a nice couple.


We can maybe use circular anisitropic pictures, instead of a circular screen, but it could maybe fail, due to the charge density. Even the screen would maybe have to be extra bright for the same reason. Fluorescent sheets would make it much easier, but everyone probably prefers the screen. There is a lot of technology around you, which works more complicated and stranger than you may think. Ignorance really is bliss (from that Mario Youtube video).

It can also be a digital alarm clock with RELAXING sound. The digital alarm clock should maybe be colour changing. I SWEAR THAT I REALIZED POKÉMON DIAMOND AND PEARL AFTERWARD!!!!! An alarm clock which turns the room’s light could be annoying. Maybe not if we would dim the light, so it wouldn’t be too bright. Making it automatically more bright over time could be annoying too.


The air projection device doesn’t have to be circular on the outside for the alarm clock. The best design is when the outside is in cube form, so the air projection device of the drawing is inside a block. Hoping that it’s fine, when it isn’t precisely cubic, because I suddenly recal the Gamecube now, from Nintendo. It’s probably however better when it isn’t a cube anyway. The block itself should be the right black. The block and everything else should be the ideal size of course, just saying. I don’t know if it works out, but the radio side (mainly the radio side) of the block could be ABOUT 1,16 times longer (not height) than the alarm clock side of the block. I don’t know about the regular height of tables and desks, but a height of about 17 cm (centimeter) could maybe work out for the block. The rubber layer could maybe be 2 cm (centimeter) high. The regtanle right pale gray platform should maybe be 0,6 cm (centimeter) high. MORE SOMEWHERE BELOW:

I know about the screws but we would have to close the gap entirely of course. UNDERNEATH THE DEVICE COULD BE A RUBBER LAYER WITH A CERTAIN DESIGN, for appeal. Or maybe not. The rubber layer would have the right colour (maybe green) or shade, perhaps dark green, while optionally having a printed pattern (maybe an army pattern), but that could be disrespectful to the army. The army pattern could be in: red, orange, and yellow too. Perhaps a bluish purple version too or without purple and only bluish shades. The best is probably when the pattern is in shades of black and gray, like a sweater I have seen, or entirely gray or black. The rubber layer should be circular. I assume that the rubber layer is better of without a ring around it, because it would bother. The block’s bottom is however not precisely a square. I hope that a shape beside the cube will do, because of the Gamecube from Nintendo. The picture below is a directive. I can’t see anything about it.

There’s a right pale gray platform suggestion. The right pale gray platform should be a regtangle).

Between the block and rubber layer could perhaps be a regtangle shaped right pale gray platform, which would slightly be in front the block. The regtangle shaped right pale gray platform could have buttons too, in front of the alarm clock, so they could would be the buttons for the air porojection. Maybe 5 dark gray buttons with white symbols on the buttons. The right kind of white and dark gray. (If I recall all of them and I did them in order):

1 pressing this buttom for Switching automatic through all 3D models/air projections. Pressing twice to stop and select.

2 pressing this button for switching the 3D model/air projection to the left. This button is directly on the left of the on and off button.

3: Turning the air projection on and off. This button should be appealing to press. Slightly bigger too. This button is in the center of the buttons. (including voice control)

4 Switching the 3D model/air projection to the right. This button is directly on the right of the on and off button.

5 Rotating the air projection. This button should be a little bit more appealing to press. Compared to the regular ones. Pressing once to start the rotation and pressing again to stop the rotation. This button should be the most right. We can activate or deactivate the rotation while the air projection is off, so your waking alarm could be rotating.

The regtangle right pale gray platform could perhaps make it easier to press the buttons down below in front of the alarm clock. The platform is a small edge, so the regtanle right pale gray platform should only be higher than the block’s bottom by a small edge.

Those 5 right dark gray buttons shouldn’t be too close to the alarm clock and not too close to the end of the right pale gray regtanle platform either, of course, while the size of the right pale gray regtangle platform should also be in ratio with everything, just saying. I guess that those 5 right dark gray buttons in front of the alarm clock, should be in line, but the regtangle pale gray platfor. It shouldn’t cover the rubber layer entirely. Those 5 right dark gray buttons are on the extended part of the regtanle right pale gray platform. The extended part is shaped like a regtanle, so the buttons are on the regtanle part in front of the alarm clock. Again, the air projection buttons should be the right dark gray. The right pale gray regtnale platform should either not be too thin or thick in height. The circular magnetic rotating platform should maybe be inbedded/included in the whole device to rotate the 3D models by rotating the screen. The edge/wall (from the drawing) should probably be thicker than on the drawing on top though. We should also minimize the amount of empty space against shoving, with the circular magnetic rotating platform for sure. The heads of the screws also take space, so the heads of the screws should perhaps be as flat as possible, while being bend to the curve (just saying), and the other part of the screw should be the right length and thickness. I don’t know if the magnetic circular rotating platform works, but we would use a button for it if so, and the block would get a cylinder shaped hole inside for rotation. I guess that the rotation needs a circular magnet with a certain height by the 3-phase voltage installation. The magnetism can go through thin enough walls. We should be able to stop the rotation at any point.

Again, the cable/charger should also properly be designed. There should also be a slider control to dim the air projection to sleep at night (sleeping at night wasn’t my idea). The slider control shouldn’t move gradually. It should sort of tick, while being the right (suiting) size, with different modes. Maybe only 3 modes from left to right (normal view, alarm in the dark, and alarm during daylight). There could also be a fourth mode: being off at the most left of this slider. The slider control should be the right size too. This slider control should move rigid. I hope that the brightest mode doesn’t make you blind. The brightness can perhaps be adapted at the hosting centers, but the brightness should be controlled by the air projection device of course. The slider control should be HORIZONTAL.

There could be a second GRADUAL slider control for the brightness of the touchscreen from the radio side, underneath the air projection slider. They would both be in the center, while having the same size. The alarm clock screen should adjust it’s brightness on it’s own (automatic) or it probably just stays the same with an ideal brightness, so maybe like a regular alarm. The other two features should have sliders. Both the slider controls should be quite big.

There could be a plus and minus sign next to each of the two slider controls, so there are two plus signs and two minus signs. The two silder controls have the same size. The plus would be at the left and the minus would be at the right. The plus and minus symbols would be the same for all two slider controls. Brightness could be written underneath the slider controls. This is a little bit stolen from the 3DS. Again, when the alarm clock is in front of you then the slider controls and such would be at the side on your left.

I also guess that the buttons of the alarm clock and radio should be the right kind of black on the block. I guess that the buttons of the alarm clock and radio should be below but high enough. The right dark gray buttons (for the air projection) should have white symbols. The black buttons (alarm clock and radio) should have white symbols of course. All of the buttons (radio side and alarm clock side) should be the ideal size, while being perfectly organized, just saying. I guess that all of the buttons should probably be in line from left to right (radio side and alarm clock side, except the rotating one from the sound volume). It seems that the buttons are better of when they are not at the top, so they are all down below but however high enough. I hope that the regular tables are high enough. The same for a regular desk. It seems obvious but I didn’t see it.

There is a side of the block where the slider controls are at the very center, while the same side also has the name and pear logo at the lower LEFT. The same side also has the right kind of the π symbol at the lower right (π is probably here the right kind of pale gray and a bit shiny too, so maybe metalic). The π symbol should be pretty big on the block. The radio is at the opposite side of the block. The alarm clock is at the front of the block, just saying of course, so the back of the block would be empty, except for the cable’s/charger’s socket. When the alarm clock is in front of you then the radio would be on the block’s side at your right, so the slider controls and such (The logo and π as example) would be at the block’s side at your left. When the music side is in front of you then two power buttons for the alarm (to put the projection off) would be at the lower left and lower right from above. This is for left and right handed people, and for symmetry. When the slider side is in front of you then then the alarm button (to put the projection off) would be on the lower left and lower right as seen from above.  The power symbols should of course be aligned properly. The radio has a touchscreen with buttons and also a right pale gray rotating button for the sound volume, not unknown. The radio touchscreen could be colour changing too. The buttons from the alarm and radio should probably not be on top of the whole device. Again, all of the buttons should of course be the ideal size, while they should also be perfectly organized, just saying. The buttons should be below but high enough. Hoping that a regular desk and tables are high enough. The whole device must be easy to turn around with factors like: size, grip, and weight. The same factors for moving it around. The rubber layer is hopefully not a bother, but I actaully have the feeling that the rubber layer only makes that better. Some people maybe don’t like it when the weight is too low too, so when they move it or when they press the touchscreen (as example). The buttons could perhaps be a little annoying when the weight is too low, but the weight must be ideal for moving and turning as well. The weight should maybe be spread too of course.

The pear logo is probably better of around the corner on the alarm clock’s right. The logo is at the lower left from the other side. There could also be a name at the lower left as example. The name and logo are probably better of when they are together, so not separate. I want the illuminating pear logo to have a green LED or probably two. Using two of them (LEDs) seems better when you scale the pear and LEDs right. The stalk and leaf could maybe be normal, while the rest of the pear is orby and transparant. I mean that the stalk and leaf wouldn’t be orby, but the rest is. I didn’t see it, but it’s probably better that way. The glass itself of the pear could be better when it isn’t green, so it would be transparant.

The following idea is stolen: We can send (play) a playlist from another device (like a Ipod/ or Ipad)) to play it on the build in radio wirelesly though. We should have THE BEST SOUND QUALITY. We can scroll through songs on our IPods/Ipads. We can also go to your favourite radio stations by using voice control. We could say GO TO (RADIO STATION).  That last previous feature isn’t stolen. We should forget about the CDs when they ruin the design. The screen of the radio station can perhaps show the name of the song and artist/band with a chosen colour and maybe even a picture of the music video. It should also show the name of the radio station, but maybe not at the same time as the name of the song and artist/band. THERE COULD BE A RADIO STATION MENU TO SHOW ALL THE AVAILABLE RADIO STATIONS (like I’ve seen on Internet). I assume that this makes automatically switching through radio stations obsolete. It will probably get familiar. Multiple users share the same radio station menu and we can swipe through all the radio stations. I wouldn’t scrape/ditch the voice control for the radio stations.

The touchscreen should of course be on the left of the right pale gray rotating sound button. The horizontal length is about the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The vertical width is about 1,5 times the width of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The side of the radio has 8 black buttons and a touchscreen with a right pale gray rotating button. (If I recall all of them) with white symbols on them. The right black and white. From left to right is in order from 1 to 8.

1: Saving a song in your playlist when it plays on the radio. With a button or voice control (saying save song) With a pop-up asking if it should be saved in playlist one or two? With a cross if you change your mind.

2: Turning the bass on and of. (like I’ve seen)

3: Switching to the left. (radio station and playlist)

4: Turning it on and off. Should be appealing to press. Somewhat bigger. (including voice control)

5: Switching to the right. (radio station and playlist)(6)

6: It starts with auto play, so song after song. Turning auto play off with a button, so your playlist takes a break with a loading circle. We could also press a second time, so it goes immediately to your playlist after any song. Based on the song’s location in the playlist. The third press would get auto play back. I assume that some people get annoyed when the next song plays immediately on it’s own. (8)

7: Deleting a song from your playlist by using a real button. It can go for 3D model menu as well.

We press the delete button and select (press) every song (regtangle) that you want to delete, while you’re still able to swipe. We press the song (regtangle) twice to deselect it. There comes a pop-up when you press the button again, and the pop-up asks if you want to delete everthing that you have selected. It asks twice, so another pop-up asks if you really want to delete it. We can delete one this way or a certain few. We can swipe vertical to show a curved arrow icon to leave the delete mode. It barely moves vertical.

The procedure for deleting everything:

Press the delete button 10 times in a row to get a pop-up on the touchscreen. The pop-up asks yes or no to delete everything. It asks twice, so another pop-up asks if you really want to delete it.

8: Voice control is maybe complicated with al the langauges, but it could be a nice side feature when it’s feasible. We make a button for a sqaure shaped (here) menu including saved 3D graphics for 3D model projections with the 3D software (decompile proof) That last option seems the best with proper furniture. The 3D model menu could have a simple melody, a bit like elevator music. We can reorganize the 3D models in the menu by holding the touchscreen and moving like we’re swiping, due to the golden ratio or something. The air projections don’t have to be on when we select them. We can swipe through all the saved 3D graphics. It’s a bit like the playlists. FAR BELOW:

9: Selecting a mode by pressing the button and the button should react a bit sturdy, so the button should feel right.

We have: Radio station mode, radio station menu mode, and playlist mode.

Radio station mode is obvious, so we can switch stations with the to the left/right buttons and you can hold the to the left/right buttons to skip noise, not unknown. We can also switch playlists by using the to the left/right buttons when you are in the playlist menu, because it could maybe be feasable to include multiple playlists, maybe 2.

You can touch a radio station in the radio station menu to select one, while touching somewhere on the touchscreen (probably at the bottom left) to go back to the radio menu when you’re at a radio station. We press the touchscreen once to show the cross at the bottom left and press the cross to return. Again, the cross could be in a square. It works sort of like the playlist. MORE SOMEWHERE BELOW:

11: The right pale gray rotating button for the sound volume. Should be the right size too of course.

I heard about other alarms which use the radio of course, so again we include that. The radio doesn’t have to be only for waking up. We should include the best sound quality. The speakers of the morning/waking sounds are maybe just better of at the radio side here. The morning/waking sounds could be more subtle that way. The morning/waking sound volume should be adjustable by the right pale gray rotating button at the radio side. I’m not sure about it, but the morning/waking sounds shouldn’t be too soft, perhaps. The button should be somewhere close to the upper righ, while being on the right of the radio side’s touchscreen.

The buttton which turns the alarm off should also be appealing. The single button for switching morning/waking sounds should be at the alarm clock side. We briefly hear the sound of them when we switch morning/waking sounds. The device knows a few morning/waking sounds from the start when being bought (maybe 5 to 10 morning/waking sounds) and it probably stays that way. We press one button multiple times to switch morning/waking sounds. It starts at 1 again after ten. The morning/waking sounds should probably be about mother nature like I’ve seen. We can experiment with the button when we only have a few morning/waking sounds, so it get’s familiar. There also is a button to change the alarm clocks colour beside the regular buttons. The alarm clock side should be properly designed and the amount of buttons is a factor. The buttons should maybe be in line here as well. Below but high enough as well. The buttons are underneath the alarm’s clock. We can switch from morning/waking sound mode to radio station mode at the alarm clock side. Using your playlist can maybe be complicated and maybe even unwanted, because we maybe want to be surprised. The RIGHT 3D model projection and radio station or morning/waking sound could be SELECTED, while being off, and they spark on when it’s your alarm’s set time.

The following is cribbed as well.

The alarm has four digits and we can vertically slide those digits on a touchscreen to change the numbers on the touchscreen (change the time like on my Samsung Galaxy S8) It should be sturdy (like I’ve seen). They behave like two digits though. The alarm clock should be scaled properly of course too, so it should be the proper size. I guess that the numbers should be big and wide enough of course, like a regular alarm clock.

The alarm clock side has 8 black buttons (If I recall all, maybe in this order too from left to right). With white symbols of course. The right kind of black and white.

1: Going to: Select actuall time mode. We can swipe the touchsreen up and down to choose the time, while pressing the button to confirm. Summer time and winter time should change automatic. (voice control included, so we say time *)

2: Going to: Select alarm time mode. We can swipe the touchsreen up and down to choose the time. (Voice control included, so we say alarm time *)

3: Changing colour. Pressing the single button multiple times to switch. (voice control inluded)

4: Deactivating the alarm time, so we don’t erase the alarm time with this button, we only turn it off. There is an alarm symbol on the upper right of the alarm clock when the alarm is selected. I really mean the alarm clock’s screen, and not the alarm side. I guess that we don’t need to select all the days at once like on my phone. I have the feeling that people would eventually like it more without. This is with voice control.

5: Switching morning/waking sounds. With voice control

6: Selecting the SET radio station as alarm or the set morning/waking sound. We can also set a regular sound like the alarm from the Samsung Galaxy 8. We maybe hear what is selected when we press the button. It maybe says: regular, radio, nature, and sound off. Some examples are: birds, killer whales, jungle, frogs, dolphins, ducks, crickets, a rooster, a lion and multiple elephants (Thys van de Weide came with the frogs and the lion and elephant) It should maybe be in this order. With voice control.

7: Using AM and PM or not. AM and PM should probably be shown on the upper right corner of the alarm clock. I don’t mean the alarm clock side. I really mean the actual alarm clock’s touch screen. AM becomes PM when you press this button and the other way around. With voice control I guess.

We make a symmetrical gap between the buttons here on the alarm clock side. The buttons should be more at the right side than at the left.

I asmme that there is a light ray/light field duality, similar but different to the particle/wave duality. We are not bothered by the floor and capture the bottom of the 3D model, when we adjust the regular positive lens properly. I think to remember that the previous line (about adjusting the regular lens to capture the bottom) used to be above, at the beginning. I asmme that the frog from the parabola mirrors could be seen from the side based on the image above.


We download/range the right cassette tapes (holding 3D models) by using our phones with an app, while being somehow in control of the cassette tapes by the air projection device. In which I mean that the switching of cassette tapes (holding 3D models), wouldn’t be done by human hands. We would then sent the cassette tape’s signal to the air projection device. I guess that we can save much more 3D models when the tapes are small or tiny or one tape just has a range. We can load multiple cassette tapes by using CMCs, but it doesn’t have to be miniscule. We can host 3D models in a stready way by rewinding the cassette tapes.

We can include a power plant in the hosting centers for this device. If the sales explode then I would guess that it could easilly finance it’s own power plants. The same for the CMCs. IF THE SALES EXPLODE. It seems lame to me to add it to the people’s bill. Or we don’t need the extra power plants and simply don’t charge (other meaning of course) the hosting centers for their bill. We could charge a small user fee to finance the hosting. The same for the people who install the cassette tapes. We can use the same app to pay the fee, while the device shuts down when you don’t. We maybe also have to pay the hosting centers energy bill, which is unfortunate, but the amounts of fee are supposed to be tiny.

I assume that I leave to the world what’s pushing and what’s not. My philosophy is that we can include features, as long as the prise doesn’t suffer too much. The screen feature is less important after my digital alarm clock idea. We can regularly game and watch TV, when we hang it on the wall. The other way without hanging it is a pretty big bypass. We can imagine a square inside a circle, while perhaps activating and deactivating the square. The electrical (light sensor) film probably already does that job though. Both the types of screens can be scrapped/ditched though. I would understand if the screens get scrapped/ditched. It could be pushing. Mid air screens can perhaps be sold separately. It’s probably better of without the mid air screens, because it takes more buttons or a remote, and it could also take more money. It could just be pushing, so we would perhaps sell it separate with another design when there’s demand, but I think that people would prefer a television. I guess that mid air screens are overrated, because they are just new, so they would probably prefer the television after trying the mid air screens. Mid air touchscreens can be interesting like in the song “I can only imagine”, but that isn’t complete, at least yet.


The app has 3 features

1 Downloading/ranging 3D models (paid service). I assume that people are more eager to buy 3D models when the graphics of the app use the 3D software (decompile proof). The app could have a simple melody, a bit like elevator music. This app could also save the bought 3D models, so you can get them back after erasing. We include the scrolling of the 3D models on your phone, but the scrolling would be horizontal, while holding the phone horizontal. The 3D models in the app could have the name present.

2 Playing music (like a playlist) on this device from your Ipod/Ipad, while scrolling on your Ipod/Ipad. Either horizontal like above or vertical (Ipod). Scrolling can sometimes come in handy. We can also save the playlist on the air projection device. We can easily delete and save playlists on the air projection device.

The screen that normally shows the radio station could be a touchscreen which shows the name and artist/band of the song, so we can swipe easily through the playlist. The touchscreen should feel ideal (probably a bit sturdy like I’ve seen). The lenght of the touchscreen should of course be horizontal. The name of the song and the name of the artist/band can fit inside a regtangle, while the touch screen can show multiple of those regtangles at a time. We probably swipe horizontal for the best. The song could start after we press a regtangle hard enough. We should have the maximum amount of readable regtangles without ruining the design. I assume that a right pale gray regtangle with a white text, while having a right shade of dark gray for the edges of the regtangle probably the best choice. I can’t The white text itself probably doesn’t need a black edge.

I guess that this works out. Enlarging the touchscreen could help if it doesn’t ruin the design. We see the music/lyric video when we press the regtangle. We first press the touchscreen to show the small part and then we press a small part (probably almost bottom right) of the touchscreen to return to the same part of the playlist menu based on the song’s location. It goes to the playlist’s next song (song after song) when you don’t go back to the playlist menu. There is a mode to wait for a while to go to the next song by a loading circle, just like Youtube, so we press the loading circle to continue to the next song. The small part to return to the playlist should maybe a have a small cross. Again, the cross could be inside a square. Again, pressing the touchscreen once to show the cross and pressing the cross to return to the same part of the playlist, based on the song’s location. There’s also a mode to return automatic to the playlist after any song, based on the song’s location in the playlist.  It must not be a bother to bow down (including long people), so the height shouldn’t be too small. We actually shouldn’t bow down at all. It probably just needs a high enough desk or a chair.

The vertical thouchscreen of the radio should maybe be about 1,5 times the size of a smartphone (I know it differs and I mean the width). I used a Samsung Galaxy S8. The horizontal length could maybe stay about the same. Maybe it’s only a ratio. The lower buttons should have a suiting size of course. I didn’t see anything about all of this. The right pale gray rotating sound volume button should be somewhere close to the upper right, while being on the right of the radio side’s touchscreen. The right pale gray rotating button should also be the ideal size, just saying.

We can stop and play a song again (from your playlist), in the same way as Youtube does with the touchscreen.

It should also SHOW cover in a small way inside the regtangle (probably bottom right), when it’s a cover, but maybe not always at the bottom right. It should however maybe be consistent, so cover should perhaps always be placed at the same spot. I don’t know if it’s feasable to include multiple playlists, maybe 2. The playlist goes song after song in the playlist’s order, and there is a small part of the touchscreen (probably almost bottom right) when you play a song from your playlist to return to the same part of the playlist menu, based on the song’s location. There also is the auto play mode of course, so it doesn’t show an optional loading circle before it goes to the next song. Again, the small part to return to the playlist could maybe have a cross inside a square. Pressing once on the touchscreen to show the part with the cross, and pressing the cross to return to the same part of the playlist, based on the song’s location.

A music video during a song is fine afterall on this device, but I felt really stupid.

The touchscreen at the radio side should have a right resolution.

I don’t know if it’s feasable, but I would be glad if one playlist can hold at least 2000 songs.

We can also optionally set the playlist to be like Youtube, so with pictures of the music video and all the text. We can press the upper right corner of the touchscreen by swiping vertical to switch playlist types. Swiping vertical shows a tiny icon like part of the touchscreen to switch playlist types, so it barely moves vertical and the part is tiny. The icon can be a tiny sun or we maybe can use the 3DS icon. The one from selecting the amount of viewable games in the 3DS menu. I want to use that 3DS icon. It wouldn’t take much money, right? We can make another icon directly to the left of the 3DS icon (in case we use it) and this icon is for a mode where the music video and lyric videos are never shown when we use the playlist. Pressing twice to bring it back. The music video and lyrics video can sometimes be annoying. Next to the previous icon (third from right) is an icon to switch between music video mode and lyric video mode. It just shows the video in either mode when the default music video is also a lyric video. The edge of the regtangle could be golden when the song has a music video and a special lyric video. There can be a picture when there’s no music video. The text in the regtangle can switch overtime when the mashup is too long as example.

Watching the music video on your IPod/Ipad when the radio is playing is probably annoying in the end.

I want at least 20 regtangles. The touchscreen could also get too big for numbers beyond 24 (I guess). We don’t select the amount of regtangles by the 3DS method when we don’t need to.

I thought all the time that a menu of about 20 regtangles with pictures of the music video and the name of the song would be too chaotic, but I could be wrong.

We can slide (sort of swiping) through the song’s time. Just like Youtube. The shades are however different. The regular bar is a right pale gray shade, while the circle and the bar behind the circle are a proper dark gray. The part with the cross inside to return to the playlist should be directly above this bar in the lower right corner. Again, the cross could be inside a square. The music video’s time is in the beneath left corner above this bar. The bar and anything else shows up when you press the touchscreen.

We can reorganize the playlist by holding the touchcreen with swiping. The same for the 3D model menu

I use Youtube for free (it’s an old habit), but the songs could be a paid service too.

We can perhaps slide to change the position of the 3D models or songs.

3 Paying for hosting and music (only iTunes). It would be great if Itunes offerss ALL the good enough songs. Even the covers and remixes, maybe even Pokémon remixes and game soundtracks like in my younger days. I sometimes still do. Classical music is free of charge. I don’t know about the Pokémon remixes. Tracking the popularity would be wise though.

We should maybe scrape/ditch the air projection’s voice control when all the langauges make it too complicated. We can however save playlists on the air projection device by using your phone. We can also just add a selected few songs.

  • That inspired my theory why mirrors only reverse horizontal. The image changes direction from going forward to back again (in 180 degrees), flipping that image horizontally. The mirror would then have a partial diffuse reflection to see around the corner. The mirror law would be the consequence of that, only horizontally. Giving the practical ilusion that the angle of incidence just equals the angle of reflection.

I didn’t mean to be rude about the parabola mirrors, so they maybe owe my apologies. I just used the picture of the alarm clock to clarify and I don’t want to disturb. I used the shades of another radio. I guess that it isn’t a big deal. We don’t male a kids version of the air projectiom device to develope a bond with their parents.

We can also create alarm clocks with colour changing lava lamps, but the lumps could kinda get static or they merge together when the lava lamp is horizontal or too big. Long thin ones don’t fit as alarm. Most of all lava lamps don’t get you up and running. We are probably too annoyed too to admire the lava when we wake up. We can sell the colour changing lava lamp separate though, in case that’s new.

I would be proud if a sink next to your bed isn’t the solution, even though it’s weird. Blue lights are less special to me (less proud) and they probably don’t get you up and running. Blue glow in the dark orbs or blue glow in the dark stuff could be cool though, in case that’s new. The same when there are other new colours.

The alarm can get you awake, WHILE THE PROJECTIONS CAN MAYBE SERIOUSLY GET YOU UP AND RUNNING.  When the projections are big enough. Besides being a desktop toy. I don’t mean to be an enemy of coffee.

It would have been better for marketing if this information wasn’t public though (It loses it’s magic a bit). Ignorance is bliss (From a Mario video on Youtube) I WANT TO SELL IT TOGETHER. I mean the alarm and music of course.

We have unlimited data with Wi-Fi. I hope that it works that way. I don’t know if it makes the hosting easier.

Sorry but I want the shades to be perfect. I could have said it without typing RIGHT that much.

I may not be the first but we can MAYBE combine it with a suiting bag. Maybe a gym bag.

It needs a proper manual of course.

Some intelectual property isn’t mine, but my share is definitely the biggest when it comes to intelectual property about this device. At least 50% of the total intelectual property.

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