Origin/big Bang

To me it seems very enigmatic that the number of protons and electrons of an element can inluence all the properties in such a diverse manner. I think the same about the electron orbits, which also creates a variety. Just look at the world around you.

People were surprised when they discovered that the Earth isn’t in the center of the Universe, but it’s even harder to understand that our Universe may not be in the center of the Multiverse. I wonder where the physics laws and stuff come from though (the mechanics of the Universe). I have a contradicting theory though.

The fourth dimension from Euclidean space could make it hard to leave our Universe though,

and I’m also wondering what the effect of spatial time would be, but another Universe probably also has time.

The following is very abstract, but if 0 divided by 0 equals something which is not zero, then it could maybe give a clue about the origin of our Universe, and perhaps the others too. Wouldn’t know about the exponent. I AGREE that mutiple of those uncharged Universes could crash into eachother, causing nearly infinit mass to form our big bang.

Most nuclear fusions happened at the beginning of the Universe, becuase we assume that the Universe started as an incredibly hot and dense point, so that would probably be the origin of all the elements in the Universe, due to having temperature and pressure differences (heard about the temperature & pressure differences as a reply to my old statement, which was that the sun would blow up in one go by a chain reaction of nuclear fusions). The crash could also cause the ocean of Higgs bosons and charges (vibrations in a field), so the bang with the other Universes probably created all the particles as we know it!

We would maybe have to destroy premature Universes with mortgages, assuming that they are just enormous lumps of mass without charge. Other types of Universes could be a problem.

I used to think this about 0 times 0 when I was young.


I suppose that a symmetrical spacetime doesn’t have an origin bang, so the momentum asymmetry of charge probably caused it just like the warp drive, but different reactions would be necessary. Similar to what Stephen Hawking said. I guess that it can’t be unified with the zero theory, but it perhaps might. The zero theory combined with the bang of two Universes, starts without charge.





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