Racing ideas/scam + arthropods

People can cheat on marathons at the Olympics by using very elastic shoe soles. Probably super elastic latex.

I don’t approve of course. We could also make super elastic wheels for racing cars. People probably figured out that it works for bikes too. Perhaps most wheels , but not every wheel. Wheels however have other aspects too.

The following is peeked from the arthropod kingdom: The picture of the cups sort of illustrates the structure of some legs of the arthropods. We notice that the cups deform less when we push a stack of cups (not one) to the wall (it’s stronger). I SUPPOSE that we could use this mechanic for shoes.

We just use a cup which isn’t hollow, and we place a stack of hollow cups on the cup that isn’t hollow, then we turn it upside down. We close it of, so the hollow cups don’t escape. The non hollow cup extends above the other cups, and all the circular edges of the other cups are trapped inside, but the hollow cups should move freely even when trapped. The hollow cups aren’t loose. The shape wouldn’t be circular for shoes of course. The “cups” would have to be made from super elastic latex. There might be other applications.

This probably explains why some dungbeetles sometimes push backwards, or they are shitting me again. Those legs are stronger.

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