The Thousand Year Treatment

The thousand year treatment/Werner syndrome treatment:

We can let the genetically manipulated bacteria (I didn’t invent the idea itself that bacteria produce stuff for us) produce life elixir (telomerase) from the gene or genes from lobsters as known, and we insert the life elixer in chemically created vesicles for cell intake before we inject them into the bloodstream, so we chemically produce vesicles.

This will also be required for old age when our life expectancy increases over around 140 years, though it could be replaced with a genetic modification, but who wants that, and it should be forbidden by law. We would do this, because modification of humans is considered a taboo, because our DNA is intrinsic by having God’s autograph (we wouldn’t really be human anymore). I guess that only the gene or genes for telomerase won’t be that bad when all else fails.

We certainly don’t want to cause thrombosis too.




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