Unfreezing people

The following is based on someone’s assumption that the damaged veins are the cause of death for cryonic patients. The cytoplasm probably freezes, but the cell membrane probably freezes as well. Frozen blood doesn’t leak, but it does when it melts.

My idea is to use an infusion of hot fibrinogen. The frozen blood would melt by contact of the hot fibrinogen, while fibrinogen perhaps repairs the veins in time, while fibrinogen also solidifies the blood to prevent leaking as well. We should take the possibility of thrombosis into acount though, and I wonder how much heat our body can stand too, but it should perhaps not melt too fast. On the other hand, it would maybe mix better as well, like tea. The heart doesn’t pump, but heat goes from warm to cold. The environment however shouldn’t do the same with the heat, because the blood leaks without fibrinogen. I hope that fibrinogen goes from warm to cold as well.

I realize by now that it should probably be combined with thrombin or we would use pure fibrine, like the people already know.

Tea however doesn’t mix that easily. I don’t know if it helps, but I tried testing my finger under the hot tap to unravel the peak. We should however maybe avoid the peak, because it could maybe melt too fast.

Testing begins with animals of course, but unfreezing people is something else.


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