Marina process/water purifying

I suppose we can freeze saltwater into salty ice to sift the salt away by using a cold liquid solvent, so the solvent must be a liquid at the same temperature where the salty ice is a solid to enable sifting. I guess that we cool the room with gas.

We use a sifter to prevent the passing of smaller salty ice grains.

I hope though that the salt isn’t trapped inside the ice, because the coild liquid would seep the satlt away. I also hope that we can separate the salt from the cold liquid solvent in order to recycle the solvent.

We could perhaps use a sliding door beneath the sifter to prevent the water from streaming away,

and we could also use the shoving to get extra time, so the salt can seep out. We pump the water away afterward, just saying. We can catch the filtrate in a container with wheels. We melt the remaining ice with radiaters or perhaps directly with microwaves. while having the shoving door underneath.

Try to pour salt inside a pan containing tap water and evaparate all the water afterward, because you would then notice that only the calcite remains, so the salt evoparates with the water,

which is a huge problem, becuase our pee as example also contians salt.

I hope that we could perhaps also recycle our own cold liquid this way.

We unfortunately might have to purify our pee, but we can make drinking water from seawater, while I guess that it doesn’t make the environment damp and cloudy, becuase it moves in a cycle, but what would we do with the pee? I wouldn’t know, but someone else may. I guess that it will eventualy rain in Africa.

Realize that we have to support all life on Earth too! Probably other Earth like planets too, especially the ones without intelligent life.

I talked about this to my mom, when the plan was to combine it with a sifter and a filter.

She suggested to soley use a refined sifter, which upon I agreed. I don’t want to reinvent someone’s invention (otherwise don’t tell), but we can needle holes in a strong enough material to get a refined sifter. The holes should however maybe not be too small.

Electrolysis seems to cause incontinence. The word does maybe exaggerate a bit, but it’s a problem. I have peed a lot in a row yesterday.

Excuse me, I took the name “marina” from Pokémon Sun, I though that it wouldn’t bother.

I realize that a regular coffee machine could maybe do. The filter paper should however maybe be thick. Sorry mom…

It’s not like it hurts to give my mom credit. I don’t know anymore why I wrote it like that.

We would close the hole to let it seep out, so the ice would remain in the coffee machine. I have more fath in the above plan anyway though. We pump the water away afterward, just saying.

I guess that the people in developement countries can hold their own. Once they have food and water. Don’t forget about the Gates foundation!

A huge problem is however the infrastructure of the water. Maybe by airplane or zeppelin.

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